Q&A Mondays – What makes a good photograph(er) …

I have decided to begin a new series dedicated to the many questions that I field via my social media platform on a daily basis.
Each post will be published on an occasional Monday, and it shall be dubbed *cue drum roll* Q&A Mondays.

Today’s question(s) are:
1. What do you believe it is that makes a good photographer/photograph?
2. What camera would you say is the best (cost effective) to create sustainable* photography/content?

If you have your own view, please share it in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

This question was asked by one of my followers via Twitter and below was my response.

1. There are many factors that together makes a great photographer/photograph, for me the most important factor is passion. If you don’t have passion, a drive for what you’re doing then you won’t see actually growth within yourself as an artist. I have seen far too many “Photographers” get into the industry without it but only seeking a quick buck just to fall out sooner than later. The honest truth, photography is saturated and has been all around the world, the only people that truly make it are those that have true passion for the art form.

2. There is no best camera, many people believe they need the highest resolution camera to create when that’s not case. “It’s not the sword that can cut through steal, but the wielder of the sword” I mean I too fall prey to that thinking as well when I just started at the same time I am a perfect example of the “the wielder of the sword”. I use a Nikon D3200 which is an entry level camera (it’s not a camera an enthusiast would buy nor would a professional) but it’s a camera I could afford at the time. Over the years of using that camera and my passion grew along with it, so did my ability to create to the point where other people with the same camera are wandering, how come my camera doesn’t produce the same image quality “It’s not the sword that can cut through steal, but the passion* of wielder of the sword”

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If you have any views of your own on this question, please don’t hesitate to share in the comments below.

Until next time, cheers.