Q&A Mondays – Is Photography Fruitful In Jamaica?

I have decided to begin a new series dedicated to the many questions that I field via my social media platform on a daily basis. Each post will be published on an occasional Monday, and it shall be dubbed *cue drum roll* Q&A Mondays.

Today’s question is “Is Photography Fruitful In Jamaica?

If you have your own view, please share it in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

This question was asked by one of my followers via Instagram and below was my response.

“Like anywhere else, and any other industry, the question of lucrativeness can be a Yes and No game.

Yes, in the sense that Event and Wedding Photography have become booming sub-industries that Jamaicans are generally most familiar with. With Jamaica being  an ideal destination for weddings, the opportunities are there. With that being said however, I personally see Event and Wedding Photography as being over-saturated, by both professionals doing it for a living, as well as hobbyists who randomly decide to “get it into” because of ease-of-access to a DSLR.

No, for the most part in the case of different (i. e. ‘less well-known’) niches/sub-industries. I am not an Event nor Wedding Photographer, and have committed to niching down into Portraits, Beauty and Fashion Photography for Models, Actors, MUA’s, Artists and Professional Branding. However, I find that there is some lack in how potential clients in Jamaica view the power of photography in branding, etc. Many are not used to idea that great photography is a necessary investment in boosting their business, branding, etc.

A great example is that professional portfolios are well-known requirements for those seeking to pursue a professional Modeling or Acting career in the US/UK, while here in Jamaica, it’s not really enforced or encouraged as norm.  Many individuals are under the impression that a portfolio consists of any old photo they take themselves on their phone or an image that an event photographer takes while they were in the club, rather than being a collection of well-thought-out images that represent the personal and/or professional brand at the highest level.

Photography does definitely have the potential to be very lucrative in Jamaica, but can be slow-moving if certain kinds of niching down is done. Also, depending on that niche, be mindful of over-saturation with both professionals and hobbyists alike.”

If you have any views of your own on this question, please don’t hesitate to share in the comments below.

Until next time, cheers.

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