The Importance Of Having Reference Images

The importance of having reference images.

So, you have decided to do a photoshoot for either personal, commercial or personal branding purposes.

After reading my previous blog post “The Importance Of Finding The Right Photographer” you have found the right photographer.

Here’s another advice you can do before or even after you contact them and that’s reference images.


These are images you will be using as a guide to help you articulate the vision for the shoot with the photographer, makeup artist, stylist and whoever else will play an important role in making sure your vision comes to life.
Explaining through words can only go so far. What a collection of reference images does, is to give everyone a solid visual representation of the look and mood that you are aiming for.


You can find reference images anywhere. Literally. It’s as simple as a quick Google search of a few relevant keywords, and your options will be limitless.

One especially great place to start is with your selected photographer’s portfolio. Has he/she produced images from a shoot with just the vibe that you are interested in? Select your favorite(s) from the set, and make it known.

Want to make it even easier for yourself? Pin It!
Pinterest makes it very easy to find beautiful images, and even easier to display them in a way that makes it simple to share with the relevant parties.

Visit my PINTEREST where I have some amazing reference images for Headshot, Beauty, Portrait, & Fashion Photography. I even have a board all about Body Accentuating Poses.