The Importance Of Finding The Right Photographer

The importance of finding the right photographer is often overlooked.
Many potential clients are not aware that choosing a photographer is as important as finding the right shade of make-up, or the best outfit for a special occasion.

There are three key things to pay special attention to, first and foremost:

1. Professionalism
The perceived professionalism of any photographer being scouted should weigh as heavily as how beautiful the images are in their portfolio.
There is no shortage of photographers in any given area code, however, ask yourself a couple of questions while doing your search.
It may just bring you closer to someone who is the best fit for providing you with quality service.

1. Do they respond to your initial inquiry with respect and politeness?
2. Do you notice them creating appropriate, non-offensive captions for social media posts?
3. Do they respond to public critiques calmly and with restraint? *

2. Image Quality
The quality of images in a photographer’s portfolio can make or break his/her career. As a potential client, it is up to you to cover all of your bases to ensure that your resulting images are aligned with your original vision.
Pay attention to the way that subjects in the images are posed, composition of the frame and the overall quality of the image.
If you’re unable to decipher quality, compare the particular photographer’s work with others around the globe.
Here is a simpler method, Google the type of photographer niche you’re seeking (eg.”Portrait Photographer”), and compare your favorite image search results with the portfolio of the photographer(s) you’re considering.

3. Specialty/Niche
The best photographers have a particular set of skills that can help you further with making your final decision.
Being a photographer is much like being a Doctor, really.
All know the skills, but each specialize in one or two things that levels them up to expert status.

Just as you wouldn’t depend on a Brain Surgeon for your hereditary heart condition, an Event Photographer may not be the best option for pleasing family portraits.

If you’re seeking head shots to build your portfolio or to up the ante on your personal branding, contact a Headshot Photographer, and so on.

Even as a photographer, I can tell you that having to make a choice from so many options, can be overwhelming.
Using the three items above as a basic starting point, you will become more comfortable with eliminating the ones that aren’t right for you.