The Story Of A Jamaican Creative

I guess you could say that I wasJamaican Retoucher, Photographer & CInematographer D. L. Samuels always the imaginative type. Listening to music on the radio seemed to always turn into impromptu video-shoots in my mind, while many inanimate objects became my first subjects in natural light photography. A huge serving of a vivid imagination, and lots of alone time as an only child has brought me to this creative space that I am finally able to embody.

I am inspired by the unpredictable and unapologetic essence of the elements of nature, and interpret this inspiration to tell compelling stories. I enjoy the way that natural lighting helps to tell the stories that we
never knew we needed to hear.

I am careful to consider the unique needs of each client, ensuring that their vision is brought to life at its fullest potential. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing clients fall in love with the end result of our combined hard work, and that truly makes this creative life worth it.

I have been fortunate enough to have been featured on FStoppers, FRLMag, as well as AfroPunk.
My current client roll includes Professional & Aspiring Models, Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylists, Bloggers, as well as various kinds of Entrepreneurs.